Teaching math and numeracy

What is numeracy and how does it relate to mathematics?

Numeracy is a critical awareness which builds bridges between mathematics and the real-world.

The meaning of numeracy used here encompasses the need for individuals to be able to understand, use and apply mathematical (and statistical) skill and knowledge. Thus, to be considered numerate, it is expected that people will need to know some mathematics, and be able to apply that mathematics within a real-world context.

From the report Critical Connections Between Numeracy and Mathematics by Dave Tout

Learn from an adult numeracy expert 

The video on the left presents an overview of numeracy theory, practice and first-hand experiences from adult numeracy expert Dave Tout. It's a very informative overview based on years of experience working in the adult literacy field in Australia. The presenter also has a book Numeracy: Teaching maths in context. A sample section is available. 


Rethinking numeracy assessment

This excellent resource from Australia provides an overview of holistic assessment grounded in research and knowledge of numeracy development with a series of practical assessment tasks. Although many of the tasks reference the Australian context, they do provide some inspiration and ideas for educators looking for a more multifaceted and holistic approach to assessment and instruction.

Introduce new routines into your sessions

The Adult Numeracy Network has created an overview of repeatable routines and activities that you can use in your math classes and learner groups. They help to "promote understanding through discussion, make student thinking visible, make math visual and encourage practice of mental math." 

Mathematics text and practise book for you and your learners

Key Concepts of Intermediate Level Math is an open textbook that efficiently covers a review of mathematics up to the end of high school. The author states it can be used by new teachers to brush up on their mathematics, parents to help their children with homework and adult basic education students with some past math experience.

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Collection of math instructional activities

You'll find some useful numeracy activities that you can introduce into your practice on a teacher developed website from an Alberta school district. Activities are organized by the following topics:

When you click on an activity, you'll open a Google Document. You can then do the following to keep the activity:

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