Level 2

Online math modules

The Dartmouth Learning Network in Nova Scotia has created online math modules covering the following topics:

Brief explanations are followed by a series of interactive questions. If you register as an instructor, you can access student reports/scores once you’ve set up a class.

Copyrighted. Link directly to the modules.

Adult education math and numeracy slides (Part 1 of 2)

The Adult Ed Math Courses from Literacy Minnesota were developed for remote learning situations. The slides were designed to accompany a math textbook/workbook, namely Math Sense 1. However this is only a suggestion. The slides can work with any resource, online or on paper that provides some additional practice of the concepts and strategies taught in the slides. Topics include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, mixed numbers and measurement (US and metric).

No copyright or licensing information available; maintain attribution.


Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 4 

Topics in this book include decimals and measurement.

Also available as a Word document.

CC BY 4.0 


Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 5 

The book is focused on fractions.

CC BY 4.0 


Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 6 

Topics in this book include ratio, rate and proportion, percent and statistics.

CC BY 4.0 


Open math book for adult learners

Foundational Math for Adult Basic Learners covers whole numbers, exponents, decimals, factions, ratios and percents. 

CK-12 is an open publisher that claims the rights to any modifications of its materials. You are free to copy and use their materials as is but must follow their guidelines if modifications are made.

Complete set of fractions activities

The site Visual Fractions was developed by a middle school teacher. The original focus on fractions has expanded to include online calculators. There are however many distratcting ads which could be an impediment for some learners. We are highlighting the fractions materials, which are comprehensive and provide a complete resource for teaching fractions. Lessons contain  explanations, pre and post tests, optional online practice and worksheet practice. Sections of the lessons can also be accessed on their own:

Copyrighted. PDFs provided. You can also use snippets of the online activities but link back to the original source. 

Fraction talks

Fraction Talks challenge students to identify fractional amounts in an image. The developer of the site states "Fraction Talks are a built around classroom talk and student action. These two principles guide the teacher’s questions, disposition, and facilitation of the activity. They can be become a daily routine, or used for entire lessons." Take a look at the 12 days of fractions talks to get started. Also read the short explanation from the developer. A recording sheet is also available.

No copyright or licensing information available; maintain attribution.

Manipulatives for online and whiteboard demonstrations

The site TeacherLed.com contains numerous math resources that you can link to in order to demonstrate various math concepts and strategies such as a 100 square for multiplication and fractions charts. All resources are compatible with desktop and mobile devices. No subscriptions. No log-ins.

Copyrighted. Share links.

GeoGebra open online curriculum and resources

Math challenges and games

Tasks, games and problem-based activities from NRICH Maths at the University of Cambridge. Explore the following topics to find suitable activities:

They also have some additional interactive games developed for online use or whiteboards.

Activities are accompanied with an age range which will give you some indication of a GLE. They also indicate the difficulty with one, two or three stars. all challenges have an online explanation and accompanying printable.

Copyrighted. PDFs available. Link directly to interactive activities.

Online practice activities and quizzes

Don't let this interface fool you. That Quiz is an older but very comprehensive and flexible site with a wide variety of math practice activities that could be used by adult learners at any level, not just Level 2. You can use the site with or without an account. To help learners navigate the site, set up the topic and parameters of the quiz (i.e. length, use of a timer and difficulty). A unique URL will be generated that you can share with learners.  With an account, you can access more features such as saving customized quizzes and activities, record-keeping, additional customization tools and a collection of ready-made tests. 

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