Google help guides from Ctrl Alt Achieve

These help guides, originally designed for educators, could also work as a resource for learners with some adaptations. They are available on the site Control Alt Achieve in an extensive resources section. We have included only the help guides on our collection but there are many other resources available.

CC BY-NC 3.0

Google Apps Email Security

Gmail security

Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers

Google drawings for graphic organizers

Sharing and Collaborating with Google Drive

Sharing and collaborating with Drive

Using Google Documents

Google Docs

Using Google Drawings

Google Drawings

Using Google Forms

Google Forms

Using Google Slides

Google Slides

Google Sheets for Educators

Google Sheets

Also available are activities for students using Google Sheets

Google presentations and reference guides from Driving Digital Learning

Driving Digital Learning is a K-12 educational OER site setup by a former teacher in the US.  Numerous resources are designed to help educators and students use Google tools. 


Chrome - Multi-Accounts Overview
Classroom Tutorial
Drive Overview
Embed LInks in Google
Gmail Training Overview
Gmail Mass Delete
Tasks in Gmail
Sites (Teachers) - Introduction
Anatomy of Google CALENDAR complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google CHROME complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google DRIVE - complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google FORMS complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google GMAIL complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google SHEETS complete.pdf
Anatomy of Google SLIDES complete.pdf

Microsoft workshop materials from Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library 

A public library in Pennsylvania has developed and shared their computer training resources. They are comprehensive resources that you can use and adapt. Each topic includes a step-by-step guide, presentation, learner handouts and reference guides and supplemental files for creating demonstrations and completing activities. We have included direct access to the step-by-step guides below,

Word (access online)

PowerPoint (access online)

Excel (access online)

OneDrive (access online)

No copyright or CC licence. 

Word 2016 Step-by-Step Guide.pdf

Word guide

PowerPoint 2016 Step-by-Step Guide.pdf

PowerPoint guide

Microsoft Excel 2016 Step-by-Step Guide.pdf

Excel guide

OneDrive Step-by-Step Guide.pdf

OneDrive guide

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