Writing instruction 

What's available

The writing section contains a variety of materials including workbooks/textbooks, online courses, slide presentations, templates, sentence starters, instructional routines and writing frames. 

These resources can be used with learners who have beginning writing abilities. They roughly cover beginner to Grade 3. The focus is on composing personal experiences in the form of narrative, chronological and descriptive texts.

These resources help adult learners tackle a variety skills, strategies and understandings roughly equivalent to Grades 4 to 8. The focus shifts to composing various types of texts, using conventions and structures to express knowledge and opinions. 

These resources cover writing skills, strategies and understandings aligned with a secondary level (Grades 9 to 12), including post-secondary and GED preparation. The focus is on developing longer texts, making claims, arguments and analysis using a variety of conventions and text structures.