Mathematics and numeracy

What's available

This section contains both mathematics and numeracy resources. The mathematics materials are organized into three levels with some overlaps. They focus on topics, skills and strategies commonly taught in K-12. They will help adult learners participate in secondary and post-secondary education. The numeracy resources address the use of numerical skills, strategies and concepts in learners' everyday lives, including financial topics such as banking, credit, taxes and benefits.

These resources can be used with learners who have beginning math abilities. The focus is on whole numbers, number patterns and  measurement (time, distance, area, weight, volume) and multiplication.

These resources help adult learners develop mathematics abilities roughly equivalent to Grades 4 to 8. The focus is on fractions, decimals and geometry.

These resources cover mathematics skills, strategies and understandings aligned with a secondary level, including post-secondary and GED preparation. 

These resources help learners in their everyday lives at home or shopping, and include financial topics such as banking, credit, taxes and benefits.

A great resource for adult numeracy educators!

If you are interested in learning more about teaching mathematics and numeracy, the US-based Adult Numeracy Network offers a variety of professional development opportunities. We reviewed their teaching resources and included a few in this collection. You are likely to find even more.