Level 3

Online modules for GED math

The Dartmouth Learning Network in Nova Scotia has created online math modules covering the following topics tested in the GED:

Brief explanations are followed by a series of interactive questions.  If you register as an instructor, you can access student reports/scores once you’ve set up a class.

Copyrighted. Link directly to the modules.

Pre-GED adult education math and numeracy slides (Part 2 of 2)

The Adult Ed Math Courses from Literacy Minnesota were developed for remote learning situations. This set focuses on pre-GED topics. The slides were designed to accompany a math textbook/workbook, namely Math Sense 2. However this is only a suggestion. The slides can work with any resource, online or on paper, that provides some additional practice for the concepts and strategies taught in the slides. A teacher guide and lesson template are also available. 

No copyright or licensing information available; maintain attribution.


Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics Book 5

The focus is on fractions. A Word version is also available.

CC BY 4.0 


Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 6 – 2nd Edition 

Topics in this book include ratio, rate and proportion, percent and statistics.

CC BY 4.0 

GED math videos

The Florida Literacy Coalition has curated a collection of Khan Academy video mini-lessons to help adult learners prepare to write the math portion of the GED test. There are six topics in the collection:

Each topic has a pre and post test using Google Forms. The videos and quizzes can be accessed on a website or an app. A fillable PDF tracking sheet is also available.

Khan Academy content is free and can be downloaded. It can also be re-posted on other sites. Uses are limited to non-commercial, educational purposes and no derivatives.

GED math packets

While this collection of GED and high school equivalency math packets (PDFs) is aligned to New York state requirements. Topics are similar to the Canadian GED test.

These are the 8 subject areas, divided into part one and part two, for a total of 16 packets:


Algebra and Functions

CC BY-NC 4.0 

Open online math textbook

An online math textbook from the NROC project, a non-profit that collaborates with secondary, postsecondary, and adult education leaders "to imagine, develop, test, and refine open and low-cost courses and tools" has different uses. It could be used as is or modified and re-presented in a different format.  Here are the contents (PDF). Courses are also available from the NROC for a fee. 



Open textbook for online and offline use

Mathematics for Adult Basic Education covers decimals, fractions, percents, integers, measurement, probability and geometry.

In addition to the PDF, it is also available online and can be synced to an LMS.

CK-12 is an open publisher that claims the rights to any modifications of its materials. You are free to copy and use their materials as is but must follow their guidelines if modifications are made.


Open and interactive math course

Interactive Mathematics for Adult Basic Education covers ratios, rates and percentages, division with fractions, operations with decimals and whole numbers, rational numbers, expressions, equations, inequalities, surface area and volume and statistics. 

It was designed to work in an LMS.

CK-12 is an open publisher that claims the rights to any modifications of its materials. You are free to copy and use their materials as is but must follow their guidelines if modifications are made.

Open source math and science simulations

PhEt interactive is an open collection of online math and science simulations designed to help students understand fundamental concepts in math, physics, chemistry and biology. You can download, embed and sync to Google Classroom. Extensive teaching resources targeting use throughout K-12 are also available. In addition, a variety of translations are available including French.

Level - All

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Math challenges and games

Tasks, games and problem-based activities from NRICH Maths at the University of Cambridge. Explore the following topics to find suitable activities:



Geometry and Measures 

Handling Data 

They also have some additional interactive games developed for online use or whiteboards.

Activities are accompanied with an age range which will give you some indication of a GLE. They also indicate the difficulty with one, two or three stars. all challenges have an online explanation and accompanying printable.

Copyrighted. PDFs available. Link directly to interactive activities.

Math games and activities

Wild Maths, also a project from the University of Cambridge, is a collection of mathematical games, activities and stories, encouraging students to think creatively. Both online and in-person experiments and activities are available.

Copyrighted. PDFs available. Share links.

Interpreting interesting graphs

Each week, a graph is posted for students to analyze in a feature called What's going on in this graph? Students can also post responses but will need an account. You can see all comments for the graph, which could be used as part of your instruction. After commenting closes, an explanation of the graph is also published. You can search the collection and access over 60 graphs along with the archived comments and explanation. In addition, teaching support is available using the On-Demand Webinar: Teaching With Graphs From The New York Times. 

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Trades and apprenticeship math

The Math for Trades series from the BC Open Collection are interactive textbooks with videos and H5P elements. They are best accessed in their original online format (Pressbooks). PDF versions without the interactive elements are also available. "The material is presented from a trades perspective with easy-to-understand examples and video explanations accompanying questions."  

Math for Trades: Volume 1 (all versions) covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents.

CC BY 4.0 

Math for Trades: Volume 2 (all versions) covers converting units and working with equations, perimeter, area, and volume.

CC BY 4.0 

Math for Trades: Volume 3 (all versions) covers capacities, pressure and total force, grade and total fall and trigonometry.

CC BY 4.0 

Math workbooks for trades preparation

The workbook, a Grade 10 course from Open School BC, is available in 10 separate sections:

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TVO Learn Open House: Not-for-credit secondary courses

You can access 141 secondary courses through TV Ontario, all of which are designed to provide 110 hours of study. Although credits aren't awarded if one of these courses is completed, they could be used in various ways to

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Level - Grades 9-12

Note on levels: Elementary courses are also available but topics, graphics, videos and activities are geared to children, and likely aren't suitable for adults.

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