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Interactive text to build healthcare vocabulary

Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions "turns a dry, memory-intensive subject into a visual and interactive learning experience. This OER is for healthcare administration, health sciences, and pre-professional students and focuses on breaking down, pronouncing, and learning the meaning of medical terms within the context of anatomy and physiology. In addition to the embedded videos scattered throughout, it features many interactive diagrams with matching questions, flashcards, and more to help solidify the medical terminology in your memory."

With the many interactive elements (made with H5P) and videos, the Pressbooks version is the ideal format. We have also provided access to the PDF version.

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Therapeutic Communication for Health Care Administrators and its companion Therapeutic Communication for Health Care Administrators Game Simulations  were designed for learners preparing for positions in front-line healthcare settings and were created out of a need "for better training in therapeutic communication." The main OER is a complete textbook with self-assessment activities throughout and embedded video and audio to provide examples of interactions with patients and clients. It covers communication as it relates to healthcare teams, patients with differing abilities, grief and loss, intercultural communication, and more. 


Note: The main purpose of this text is to help learners read a textbook in order to prepare for postsecondary and secondary healthcare training. Instructors might want to use one or two chapters to explicitly teach textbook reading skills. Here are a couple of resources:

How to Read a Textbook Effectively and Efficiently

How to Improve Reading Comprehension — 10 Strategies

The companion contains a set of scenarios with questions that prompt the learner to reflect on best practices for therapeutic communication. The simulations cover cultural sensitivity, a client with anxiety, professional boundaries, a client in an altered state, and a client who is hard of hearing.

The scenarios can be accessed in H5P or in a text format. All H5P files can be downloaded and embedded. 



Textbook with excellent H5P interactives

"Sexual and gender identities can present unique needs and difficulties for those accessing healthcare. The LGBTQ+ community is incredibly diverse, and the difficulties that this community faces in accessing healthcare are complicated further by the intersectionality of various races, ages, abilities, and more. LGBTQ+ Healthcare was designed with this in mind. It was created by and in collaboration with members of the LGBTQ+ community." 

The core part of the resource is four case studies presented using H5P interactives.  All H5P files can be downloaded and embedded.


Explore the trades

Explore the trades: teacher modules  were created for high school vocational and shop teachers for a comprehensive pre-apprenticeship program, involving the use of materials, tools and techniques. However, many sections could be used with learners to help them become familiar with vocabulary, procedures and general knowledge expectations of select trades. The modules contain numerous photographs, quizzes and knowledge-based learning activities in addition to hands-on tasks and projects. The modules are available in both PDF and Word formats.



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