Test and exam preparation

Resources to prepare for and supplement first aid/CPR training

First aid and CPR training is required in many healthcare and childcare occupations. In addition, training and certification is important for the general public. Participating in a certification course can be a personal achievement for adult learners. The materials below can be used to introduce learners to the training content so they can gauge their readiness to take a course. They can also be used to help learners prepare to take a course.


Comprehensive guide

The guide contains the content and information offered in a variety of first aid and CPR courses offered by the Red Cross.

Copyrighted. PDF is available for downloading.

Video playlist

The series of 13 videos on different first aid topics is a great way to start conversations with learners about their first aid experiences and knowledge.  

Copyrighted. All videos can be downloaded, shared and embedded.

First aid app

The app is designed for those who have received their certifications to maintain their skills and knowledge.

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Resources to prepare for safe food handling courses and exams in Ontario

Many jobs require applicants to have a safe food handling certification but learners might need some support to prepare to take the actual course and/or exam. Contact your local public health unit to see how they are organizing access to safe food handling courses and exams. 


Comprehensive guide for certification

The content in the guide is the basis of Ontario's safe food handler courses and exams.

 Terms of use: "This document is available, in whole or in part, for the use of public health units in Ontario. The ministry takes no responsibility for any modification of the content of this document. "

General knowledge activities

Online interactive guides from Health Canada can be used to start conversations with learners about their food safety knowledge and practices. 

Copyrighted. Share links.

General information videos and posters 

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a comprehensive collection of education and promotional materials. The videos and infographics could be used to supplement food safety instruction for commercial kitchens. 



WHMIS materials to prepare for certification courses

Workplaces usually sponsor WHMIS training but learners might need some support to prepare for the actual course, which is usually online. The materials below can be used to introduce learners to the content, vocabulary, pictograms and the multiple-choice test question format. In addition, if a general certificate is required during the application process, a generic and up-to-date worker training course is available online for $19.95 from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). WHMIS  was amended in December 2022 so the official tests will have some different content than the practise test produced in 2014.


Training handbook

A training handbook available though the province of Nova Scotia could be used to help learners partially prepare for certification courses. However, it was produced in 2014.

Copyrighted. Available to download.



The quiz available though the province of Nova Scotia accompanies the presentation. While it will provide practise taking multiple choice tests, it won't reflect current content. 


The poster was produced by the Canadian Centre for Health and Occupational Safety, Canada's safety authority. They also sponsor up-to-date generic WHMIS training for individuals.

Ontario driving test study guides and practise tests

A few online practise sites are available but most have ads, which are very distracting. We are featuring a freemium site without ads, in addition to two apps. The the official MTO guide is available online.

Study guide and quizzes

This free app has received the highest ratings on Google Play and the Apple Store. It has "70+ interactive lessons, quizzes, and tests."  

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Information from MTO

This app contains information only to support the official MTO guide. No quizzes or practice questions are included. A review is available in the AlphaPlus useful apps collection.

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Freemium online site

The site Trubi Cars is well designed and comprehensive. There are no distracting ads but you will be encouraged to purchase access to a premium account. However, learners might find the free sets of questions very useful when combined with other resources.

40 free G1 practise questions

40 free G2 practise questions

Canadian citizenship guides and practise tests

Official guide

The official citizenship guide from the Government of Canada is available in various formats for free.

Read and listen online 

Listen and download MP3 files 

Download PDFs and EPUB versions 

Order a hardcopy

Copyrighted. Available for sharing in various formats.

Practise test 

A 60 question practise test is available through the  Toronto Public Library. You can access the test without a login. The questions can be reset and sorted into sets of 10 or 20 questions.

Copyrighted. Share link.

Tests and videos 

Citizenship Counts is a comprehensive site with tests and a video-based Discover Canada citizenship guide. Developers make the following statement about the videos:

"Please be aware that the online versions of the Discover Canada study guide may not have the most up to date information on certain topics. Where possible we have shared correct information and links to their sources."

Study guide (videos)

Online quizzes

Online flashcards


Plain language

Citizenship Study Materials for Newcomers to Manitoba is a plain language version of the official guide. Some information and practise test questions will have to be adjusted for Ontario.

Copyrighted. Available for sharing as a PDF.

EBSCO Learning Express available through many libraries

EBSCO Learning Express "supports those looking to improve core academic skills, pass a high school equivalency test, prepare for college, join the military, obtain occupational certification, find a job, change careers, become a citizen and much more. Learning centers contain practice tests, interactive tutorials, e-books (downloadable PDF workbooks), articles and flashcards."


First, sign into your library to see if you have access. Search for "EBSCO Learning Express." We have confirmed that Toronto and Ottawa have the resource.  The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is in a partnership program with Burlington, Hamilton, Kingston, London and Mississauga. You should be able to use your card from the other libraries to access EBSCO Learning Express through the OPL.

Second, if you and/or your learners see a resource that you want to use or download, an account is required for each user. Registration only requires a valid email address and a password. No other information is requested.

Once you and your learners have accounts, individual  users can bookmark and save practise tests and tutorials on a personal dashboard. Individual users can also download their own consumable workbooks. 

Educators will need to access the collection with their own accounts in order to help learners navigate and find the right resources. 

Copyrighted. Individual user accounts/library cards are needed to use and download resources.

Red Seal sample exam preparation and sample questions

Many of the test preparation materials for trades and apprenticeship, particularly sample questions, are monetized. However, the Red Seal site, dedicated to promoting common standards to assess the skills of tradespeople across Canada, has freely available sample questions for each trade. In addition, they also have a comprehensive exam preparation guide that includes an excellent section on completing multiple choice questions. The site also has self-assessments in both online and PDF formats for each trade. The self-assessments are lists of testing topics covered in the exam, not sample questions.

Apprenticeship entrance exam


In Alberta, there is an option to take an exam to enter a trade if one hasn't completed high school or if education requirements can't be proven. An exam study guide is available. The exam preparation guide could be useful for learners who want to learn more about the general demands of apprenticeship theory instruction.

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